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The International Center for Family Studies aims to promote a culture of family values based on Christian principles in the context of contemporary society. To achieve its purposes the Center utilizes the following tools:

  • A computerized Documentation Center specialized in family issues;
  • A Scientific Committee composed of experts in various disciplines who assist CISF in planning annual works and in preparing for conferences, seminars, meetings, and publications;
  • A bi-annual publication of the Report on the Family prepared by prominent research centers and specialists in various disciplines. It focuses on family problems in relationship to the social and cultural environment;
  • The promotion of scientific research on topics concerning family life; publications of essays and studies that focus on historical perspectives of the family and the definition of the family’s specific role in contemporary society;
  • Collaboration with the monthly review Famiglia Oggi, ( Family Today) addressing mainly social and pastoral workers using a monographic, interdisciplinary, and documentary approach.


Updated 16/12/05 
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documentation center



 The Documentation Center of CISF has a wide collection of bibliographic material from various disciplines related to the family. The Documentation Center focuses with special attention on five principle areas:
Family Pastoral Care
Development and Dynamics of the Couple
Childhood and Adolescence
Elderly and Ageing